Past Speaking Engagements


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2015 Roundtable Organizer/Participant, “The Imposter Complex & Anthropology Careers in Peril.”  American Anthropological Association Annual Conference, November 2015.

2015 Paper Presented, “Prayer, Protest, and Police Brutality: Making Black American Muslimness in the Ferguson Era.”  American Anthropological Association Annual Conference.

2015 Panelist: ‘Muslim Masculinities in the Age of Feminism.” Princeton University.

2015 Panelist, “Intersectional Storytelling & Diverse Representations of American Muslims.” National Public Radio/Story Corps, Brooklyn, NY.

2015    Panelist, “Standing at the Crossroads:  Anti-Black Racism, Islamophobia, and State-Sanctioned Violence.” University of Pennsylvania.

2015 Panelist, “Moment or Movement: Activism and Social Justice in the Digital Age.” Rutgers University.

2015 Panelist, “Intersectional Identities and Social Justice Activism.” Kremen School of Education & Human Development, Fresno State University.

2015 Paper Presented, “Recalled to Life: On the Meaning and Power of a Die-In.” Rutgers University Center for Race & Ethnicity Graduate Forum.

2015 Invited Talk, “Malcolm X and African American Islam.” Delaware State University,

2015 Workshop Facilitator, “Remembering Dr. King: Civil Rights in the Ferguson Era.”  Noor-u-Iman School.

2014 Workshop Facilitator, “Exploring Race in Educational Settings” Seton Hall University Counseling Psychology Program.

2014 Panelist, “Communities of Color and Lethal Weapons.”  Rutgers University.

2014 Guest Lecturer, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, Rutgers University, “Police Violence and Organizing for Justice.”

2014 Panelist, TRIO-McNair & Upward Bound, Rutgers University. “Navigating Graduate School as a First-Generation Student.”

2014 Discussant, “New Directions in the Study of Gender and Islam” Rutgers University Institute for Research on Women.

2014 Paper Presented, “Come All Ye Asiatics: Explorations of Asiatic Blackness in the Moorish Science Temple and the Nation of Islam.” Rutgers University Center for Race & Ethnicity 7th Annual Graduate Forum.

2014 Participant, Roundtable Discussion, “The State of Black Studies.” NJ Amistad Commission Conference, Rutgers University.

2013 Paper Presented, “’Making the Strange Familiar’: American Muslim Identity between Racialization and Reconciliation.” Rutgers University Center for Race & Ethnicity 6th Annual Graduate Forum.

2013 Panelist, “The Legacy of Malcolm X and the History of African-American Islam” University of Pennsylvania.

2013 Panelist, “Islam in Black America.”  St. John’s University.

2012 Guest Lecturer, Language and Social Diversity course: Rutgers University Department of Anthropology, “Islam, Hip-Hop, and African American English.”

2011 Guest Lecturer, Rutgers University Africana Studies Black Experience in America course: “Color Me Invisible: An Overview of African American Islam.”

2011 Organizer, “Religion, Radicalism, and the Quest for Pluralism” (with Dr. Tariq Ramadan & Dr. Eric Davis)” Rutgers University.

2011 Panelist, “Islam in America, the African American Experience.” New York University.

2011 Panel Organizer and Moderator, “Deen Tight Film Screening & Panel Discussion.”  Rutgers University.

2011 Workshop Presenter, “The Greensboro Sit-Ins” Noor-ul-Iman School.

2010 Panelist, “Islamophobia:  Fighting Ignorance, Engendering Peace, and the Promise of American Freedom.” Essex County College.

2009 Conference Organizer & Panelist, “Fish, Grits, and Couscous:  Islam in the African American Experience.” Rutgers University Department of Africana Studies.

1999 Conference Organizer, “Forgotten Roots:  Black Atlantic Islam and the Legacy of African Muslims in the Americas,” Rutgers University.