Radio: Part 2-Standing at The Crossroads of Anti-Black Racism, Violence & Islamophobia

Part 2 of Donna’s radio interview on Islam Today with host Kameelah Mu’min Rashad WURD-AM Philadelphia. Donna continues the discussion on how African-American Muslims are, and have historically been, at the epicenter of socio-political events including today’s recent responses to police violence against unarmed citizens. [powerpress]

Trayvon Martin and The American Muslim Response


[powerpress] Donna A. Auston, PhD Student of Anthropology at Rutgers University radio interview on the response or lack thereof of American Muslim organizations, religious leaders and members of the community in the aftermath of the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin.  Donna points out how only certain sociopolitical issues seem to […]